History of the Stockholm Stock Exchange

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Located in the beautiful port area of Frihamnen, the Stockholm Stock Exchange (SSE) can trace its roots back to 1863 and the foundation of the Stockholm Securities Exchange. In 1997, the Stockholm Stock Exchange joined with the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE) to create the NOREX Alliance, one of the first in the world to offer joint equity trading.

Today, the Stockholm Stock Exchange is part of NASDAQ OMX, the largest exchange company in the world – the group also encompasses the exchanges of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania. Areas of trade include equities, premium bonds and exchange options.

Indexes of the Stockholm Stock Exchange

The most-well known index of the SSE is the OMX Stockholm 30, representing a combination of the top 30 stocks traded on the exchange. The OMX 30 is revised every six months to account for changes in the market. Current commodities traded include Skanska AB, Getinge AB and Hennes and Mauritz AB – better known as the clothing retailer H&M.

The OMX Stockholm 60, launched n 2009, encompasses the 60 most traded stocks on the SSE. As part of NASDAQ OMX, the SSE also offers a GES Sustainability Index, which trades stocks supportive of sustainable and reasonable environmental policies as laid out by the United Nations. A Swedish and Nordic model of this index are offered to interested traders who want to invest in stable, environmentally-focuses companies that will complement their already existing portfolios.